Miessence Leadership

Miessence leads by example.

Our commitment in enterprise is to create a platform that benefits people and benefits the environment through a long term vision to set the benchmark and be the model for other businesses.

This is how Miessence shows leadership:

  • Leadership in Certified Organics
  • Leadership in Product Development
  • Leadership in Sustainable Practices
  • Leadership with People
  • Leadership in Animal Welfare
  • Miessence Vegan Products
  • Miessence & Gluten Free


Leadership in Certified Organics

Miessence is the world's first company to offer a comprehensive range of certified organic products for health, home and body care.

We have set the benchmark for the use of certified organic ingredients across more than 100 products that people use every day for their beauty, healthcare and homecare needs.

Only products that are independently certified organic can truly claim to be 'organic' and genuinely good for us.

The benefits of certified organic products go much further than the products themselves.

This approach effectively removes chemicals from the agricultural practices of growing our ingredients, as well as removing the manufacture of synthetic chemicals, and their by-products, that would otherwise go into equivalent conventional commercial products.

In addition, it removes chemical exposure of our customers when using these products and of the environment when some of these products are washed down drains or disposed of, after use.

In promoting product integrity, Miessence not only uses organic ingredients wherever it is available and possible, but we also meet organic food standards. We continue to support this high standard at a time where other companies are just beginning to attempt this and are lobbying for broader and lower standards for non-food products such as skin care.

Miessence carries out its own research before appointing suppliers. In addition to verifying any claimed certified organic status, Miessence examines the reputation, quality of the growing environment and harvesting process of all suppliers and selects only the ones with demonstrably the purest, most potent and freshest ingredients for inclusion in our products.


Leadership in Product Development

To claim our products are certified organic, Miessence ensures that its ingredients meet certified organic standards. This means raw ingredients are chemical and pesticide free which means our customers are not absorbing or ingesting these chemicals.

Our ingredients are treated with respect during our production process – we do not add chemicals and we do not heat treat – to ensure that our 100% active ingredients remain 100% potent.

To meet the demand for an even wider variety of certified organic products, Miessence is constantly developing new lines with the same thorough attention to detail that has made our current range international favourites.


Leadership in Sustainable Practices

Miessence is proud to be carbon negative. This means that we offset more carbon dioxide than we emit in our supply, manufacturing, distribution and promotion activities. In addition to offsetting all of our operations and deliveries, Miessence has been Gold Certified by Greenbizcheck for sustainable business practices which include efficient options for office and IT equipment, power and paper usage, and resource saving strategies that result in measurable emission reductions.

Our packaging is also non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Being certified organic means our products are sustainably sourced from farmers who are also certified organic.

Certified products not only promote organic farming, health and public awareness of environmental ethics, they also create a more sustainable supply chain.

For a product to be organic, there are conditions from the grower all the way through transportation, processing and packaging, so that all stakeholders in this supply chain make a business of becoming more green.

All our suppliers must meet international organic standards. In the case of Miessence we are the processor and distributor of our products and continue to find ways to make all aspects of our business practices greener.

To find out more about our sustainability, visit our page here.


Leadership with People

Miessence is about supporting people, from farmers and indigenous communities in developing countries through their supply of our organic fair trade ingredients to more direct involvement in various community and charity events.

Here is an example of how Miessence makes a difference in the lives of people.

Pampering in war-torn Uganda

Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war and the deadly AIDS epidemic.

Approximately 2 million children in Uganda have been orphaned by these calamities. Currently there are 880,000 Ugandan children living as orphans as a result of AIDS ...and Watoto Childcare Ministries is reaching out to help.

Watoto was created to provide holistic, residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children with the core vision to rescue a Child, raise a Leader and rebuild a Nation.

Miessence Executive, Terri Rowe, helped facilitate a program to provide skills, medicine and pampering to women in war-torn Uganda. Miessence donated a variety of Miessence products to Watoto on their recent trip to pamper the house mothers of Watoto Orphan Villages. Narda Bradshaw from Watoto Child Care Ministries wrote the following letter to Terri:...

Dear Terri

Thank you for all of the products that your company graciously donated.

My team of 19 ladies ministered to 3 different groups during our 2 weeks in Uganda. The first 60 were a small part of the Living Hope ministry in Kampala. These women are HIV+ and are being sponsored by Australian women to help in the purchase of anti retroviral drugs.

These women attend meetings every month to help build self esteem, morale, confidence and purpose in God's world. We spent 4 days sharing sewing skills of children's clothing and home furnishings and craft skills of card making and cross stitch and jewellery making.

Our final day was a day of pampering. My team divided into 4 groups for pedicure manicure, facial and shoulder and back massage. The second group of 80 were also part of this ministry but located in Northern Uganda in Gulu; 95% of these women are returnees from the war with the LRA.

They have seen and experienced so many atrocities but welcomed us to pamper them. We were amazed how they received our gesture of love and acceptance. Many may never have known physical touch in a loving and gentle way. It was a wonderful time not only for them but for my team also. All of us were truly blessed.

The third group we pampered were the Watoto village mothers. We spread this over 2 days so we could bless all 210 mothers. These women truly play an amazing role each mothering up to 8 children. It was a privilege to pamper and encourage them and to esteem their womanhood. Overall, in four days we pampered 315 women. Thank you for your generous contribution. We were able to leave resources for their future use. Each of us were privileged to be hands of blessings. May God richly bless you.

Narda Bradshaw

Watoto Child Care Ministries (Australia) Change Your World Tour

Leadership in Animal Welfare

Miessence's commitment to the environment and animal welfare runs to the very heart of what Miessence does – create beautiful, effective certified organic products that benefit the environment as well as people.

We take a holistic approach to animal welfare, starting with the point of origin of our ingredients.

Our independently certified organic status means Miessence products are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that potentially disrupt the natural ecosystem and which may harm insects, animals and people.

Also, see the statement from our certified organic beeswax supplier.: 

A statement from Miessence's supplier of certified organic beeswax

"Our bees gather honey from nearby organic eucalyptus forests. As honey is the bees food, we only take surplus honey. We leave as much as we can to keep our bees happy and healthy. The wax is the protective cap of the hives, which keeps the honey nice and fresh. When we harvest, we take the wax cap off the hive, pull out the comb, and drain off the excess. The bees are not hurt in any way. The comb is the put back in the hive.

Our ingredients are free from synthetic chemical pesticides which have been proven hazardous to animals and people.

Certified organic farming practices require a percentage of land be dedicated to natural vegetation which is home and a food source for native fauna.

When we formulate Miessence products, we use natural ingredients with an ancient and proven history. The potency of our ingredients is naturally, not chemically, extracted so there is never a risk of contaminants getting into the environment to harm wildlife.

Furthermore, we're certified to organic food standards which means our products are good enough to eat, so there is never any need to test on animals. We test new products on ourselves before we bring them to market.

Our commitment to animal welfare has been recognised internationally by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and we are on their list of companies that are cruelty free (as the Miessence parent company ONEGroup).

This commitment to animal welfare and using safe ingredients is also recognised by the Environment Working Group's comprehensive database of the cosmetic industry called Skin Deep.

Care for animals should be more than a feel good slogan and a pretty logo on a bottle but rather a tangible and verifiable commitment to the whole environment that supports all life – both plant, animal and human.

Using Miessence is your assurance that products you purchase are better than cruelty free – they actively help sustain and preserve the environment in which animals live.


Miessence Vegan Products

Some of our customers choose to live a vegan lifestyle and we're delighted to answer some of their questions:

Q: What is the lecithin source in the Nourishing Hand Cream (is it animal lecithin or plant lecithin?)

A: It is a plant-based lecithin.

Q: What is the origin of the sclertium rolfsii gum in the Clarifying Hair Rinse?

A: Sclertium rolfsii is a naturally occurring bacteria

Q: Why does Miessence use beeswax in several of its products including Jaffa Lip Balm and Reflect Outdoor Balm?

A: The alternative to beeswax is carnauba wax. Miessence is strongly committed to using certified organic products.

Organic carnauba wax cannot provide the consistency required for our lip balm, lip crème and concealer formulations.

With the exception of the products which include beeswax as an ingredient, all Miessence products are vegan.


A statement from Miessence's supplier of certified organic beeswax

"Our bees gather honey from nearby organic eucalyptus forests. As honey is the bees food, we only take surplus honey. We leave as much as we can to keep our bees happy and healthy. The wax is the protective cap of the hives, which keeps the honey nice and fresh. When we harvest, we take the wax cap off the hive, pull out the comb, and drain off the excess. The bees are not hurt in any way. The comb is the put back in the hive."

Miessence & Gluten Free

Miessence representatives who are gluten-intolerant, or who have friends and customers who are gluten intolerant, might have some questions about Miessence products. We're delighted to answer them here:

Q: Does Miessence have gluten free products?

Yes, we certainly do. In fact the vast majority of our products are 100% gluten free. The only 2 products that contain gluten (from wheat) are the InLiven Probiotic Superfood and the Probiotic Skin Brightener.

Our FastTract Probiotic is Gluten Free.

Q: If I am gluten intolerant can I still use the Probiotic Skin Brightener?

According to doctors, gluten allergies are triggered by ingesting products that contain gluten. When using skin products that contain wheat, they recommend avoiding the lips and mouth.

Q: What about wheat grass?

Wheat grass is an ingredient in Miessence DeepGreen Superfood. It is gluten free.

The gluten protein originates in the grain of sprouted wheat. It is not found in wheat grass.

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