Introducing the Miessence Advisory Panel

The Miessence Advisory Panel features health professionals from around the world who use and endorse Miessence Certified Organic products.

Their expertise in various fields is available to Miessence Independent Representatives as well as those interested in further detail about how certified organic products like Miessence can help promote improved well-being.

Our Miessence Advisory Panel experts will present webinars and publish articles on the Miessence blog.

Dr Cynthia Champion-Olson (N.D., C.T.N., C.N)

Dr Cynthia Champion-Olson

Dr. Champion-Olson is a board-certified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist, with 30 years experience in the natural health and nutrition field.

Skilled in the applications of herbology, homeopathy, environmental health and clinical nutrition, Dr. Champion-Olson has worked extensively with people suffering from diabetes, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, environmental illnesses and autoimmune disorders.

As a sought after speaker, her greatest joy comes in teaching others the benefits of natural health and nutrition.

Czerral Wheeler (D.V.Med, MMBM)

Czerral Wheeler

In 1979 he became well known for his exclusive role in introducing Spirulina to the world market. In the 1980s, he became focused on holistic enterprises dealing with research and development of "Super?Foods": a word he coined in the early 80s dealing with any organic food source that carries a broad spectrum of nutrients.

In 1984 he was involved in a cancer research program initiated with Harvard University.

Czerral has been a featured speaker for motivational and health seminars and was on the "A" list as a speaker at the "National Health Federation(s)" and is a well-known guest speaker on many radio talk shows and television interviews. He formulated InLiven and Fast Tract containing fermented super-foods and Lactobacillus Bacteria along with Spirulina. The formulas contain a broad spectrum of certified organic nutrients. These result oriented nutritional formulas are setting a new standard in the health care industry.

Gary Beck, Naturopath, Healer, Building Biologist

Gary Beck

My chosen profession as a naturopath has allowed me to learn and experience a lot of our world from the “natural” perspective.

The quality of the food and nutrients we use on a daily basis is paramount in our desire to be strong, happy and healthy and yet this is still not truly utilized for our betterment.

Playing our part in improving our toxic world by using, buying, selling, promoting and enjoying all the different products and available to us that are produced with our good health and the health of the planet in mind is something I feel is of utmost importance for us all, we are all in this world together.

Kristine Miles

Kristine Miles

Kristine Miles is an author and health professional with over 17 years’ experience.

She is passionate about life-long learning, plant based nutrition and living a low toxic lifestyle. Her mission is ‘to promote health and wellbeing, through empowering others to lead lives free of chemicals and full of real, delicious food’.

Kristine works full time as a physiotherapist in private practice on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. She is also a part time cooking demonstrator, and blogger on www.kristinemiles.com and www.greensmoothiecommunity.com.

Kristine’s first book, The Green Smoothie Bible was released in February 2012, her second, Green Smoothies For Every Season will be published in mid-2013, and third, a yet to be titled mother and baby smoothie book, in late 2013.

Dr Sarah Lantz (PhD)

Dr Sarah Lantz

Dr Sarah Lantz is a writer, researcher, lecturer, nutritionist, and all-round chemical conscious nut. She was awarded her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australian Youth Research Centre and in recent years has worked as Research Fellow and Lecturer at a number of prestigious Universities across Australia, including the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

Sarah is a regular columnist for many health and wellness magazines. She currently runs workshops across Australia engaging parents and health practitioners in issues of toxicity of the body, health policy and building resiliency in children and families. Her first book released in 2009 Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World, is a bestselling publication, and has gone into its third re-print. She is currently writing her second book.

Dr Lantz currently lives in Brisbane, Australia with her partner and two girls.

Dr. Suzanne Buffie

Dr Suzanne Buffie

Dr Suzanne Buffie is a Maximized Living Chiropractor. She is passionate about teaching patients the importance of minimizing toxin exposure and the profound effect this will have on their health.

We have reached of level of toxicity never seen before, and this is wreaking havoc on our health in the form of whole new host of neurological disorders and conditions. By teaching patients the principles of maximized living, which include decreasing toxin exposure, patients have overcome many of the conditions they suffer from and are experiencing a level of health never though imaginable.

In her spare time, Dr. Buffie enjoys fermenting foods, camping, spending time outdoors and being active. She is always up for a new challenge and her latest is learning how to play national pastime of Canada, ice hockey! A US native, she now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband, 3 children and their German wire haired pointer, Palmer (named after the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer).

Dr. Venus Williams (Ph.D., CQTP, CHCP, M.H., M.G., M.C., D.E.)

Dr Venus Williams

After receiving two Ph.D. degrees which uniquely integrated the fields of physiology, micro- and molecular biology with pure and applied mathematics for a deep look into the intricate and dynamic dance of the heart, Dr Venus fully embraced the fact that everything is energy and chose the quantum path to organic holistic healing and total, complete and permanent health in all aspects of the being.

Some of her favorite public speaking topics are on organically manifesting holistic healing and health which includes inner peace, abundant prosperity, enlightenment and beyond, organic and biodynamic sustainable living, personal and group healing, quantum truth, the Natural Laws of the Universe.

You can find her in her biodynamic edible herb, flower, fruit and vegetable gardens inspired by her love for organic edible landscapes or in her kitchen where she creates her unique, tasty and healthy, organic whole superfood recipes and enjoys them with her loved ones.

Dr. Venus wholeheartedly chooses, extensively uses and recommends Miessence’s range of products which according to her, “have been for the past over 10 years and continue to be and deliver the highest quality, energy vibration, potency, vitality and health benefits through both their ingredients and combinations of ingredients on the planet, an absolute part of holistic healing and health”.

Wendy Dumaresq (B.Bus (M’ment) Dip Med Herb, Ad.Cert.NFM)

Wendy Dumaresq

Wendy is a Medical Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management practitioner, Bowen therapy, Personal & Occupational development mentor as well as Author and Speaker.

In addition to mentoring/coaching small business, Wendy is a sought after guest speaker speaking and appears on a number of events on issues relating to women’s health as well as consulting individually on personal/occupational development.

Wendy has contributed to a wide variety of health related journals and magazines. She published her first book, Radiant Women – Simple Steps to Better Menstruation & Menopause in 2010 and released her second, Enterprise with Soul in 2012.


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